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Pet Transportation Service

Having developed our reliable and successful freight business since 1920 Transports MARI can support you in your international removal or your expatriation abroad with our personalized service.

We ensure a quality service when carefully transporting your pets.

According to your destination and needs we offer secure transport for your pets by road or air. We place a great importance on the following 3 areas of expertise:

The formalities: We adhere to all procedures required by the customs authorities. We are a transit and customs agent based in Nice approved to transport dogs, cats and other animals. Our staff are also able to attend veterinarian visits to obtain the rabies vaccination certificate, the proof of good health of your pet or the import permit.

Regulations: Our pet transport services follow all required standards. Air transport is consistent with the rules imposed by IATA and ATAF. We are also members of the I.P.A.T.A Association (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association) and all our services are regulated to the highest standards.

Safety and Comfort: We make sure that your pet is safe and perfectly comfortable during the entire journey. We pay great attention to ensuring that he/she can sit, drink and turn around easily in his/her cage. For this purpose we advise customers on the type and size of the cage needed for your pet. The conditions in which your pet travels adhere to IATA standards and those of other authorities.

To transport your pets then please contact our reliable staff or make a quotation request online.