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Trade Fairs and Exhibition Service

Well‐established since 1920 Transports MARI are your first choice when planning, running and organizing your purchases at various trade fairs and exhibitions that you attend. We offer you complete and customized logistics and are here to listen to your every need, 100% at your disposal to help you organize and hold fairs with total confidence.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • The transport of your furniture and other articles. We also provide transportation to your auction room and showroom during the event;
  • Access to our secure and adapted warehouses to store your articles when needed;
  • If necessary our teams can deliver supplies to the stands during events;
  • Our teams are with you at the end of the fair or exhibition to help you close your auction house and pack your products in the appropriate conditions. We can then deliver to any given address;
  • Taking care of all administrative and customs‐related formalities. If the fair or exhibition takes place in European territories our transit and customs agents declare the exchange of goods and services on your behalf.