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Bungalow and Mobile Home Transportation

With over 90 years of experience in the field of transport, Transports MARI have constantly been expanding their specific skills and fields of expertise. We are very proud to present our bungalow and mobile home transport service, available from and to many different countries.

Our team offers a personalized transportation service with the following guarantees to help you achieve a successful removal:

­ Reliable transportation options: We have the infrastructure needed with advanced equipment necessary for the handling of your mobile home or bungalow, including a lifting arm and various other specialized tools.

­ Standardized handling and packing: We fully allocate our resources when needed. For example, by moving your bungalow or mobile home to Nice in the warehouses we can ensure that everything is packaged and ready for further transport. We adapt the service according to size and shape.

­ Secure storage warehouses: Our team is committed to offering a quality unparalleled service. Our warehouses are therefore accessible to our customers.

­ Administration by Transports MARI: Our employees complete all the paperwork needed to move your bungalow or mobile home.

Transports MARI boasts all the necessary logistics to carry out the transportation of your bungalow or mobile home safely. Our team is always at your disposal and offers personalized services according to your needs and expectations.