Air groupage transport

As a transport company, we offer reliable and secure solutions for the transportation of goods : air groupage transport. Organizing air freight for more than 100 years, we are able to direct you towards the offer that suits your needs and your budget. Our specialized agents are present throughout France, as well as in several countries in Europe and around the world, including the USA, China, Australia, Canada and much more. 

A very economical transport solution 

Do you want to ship goods at a lower cost? Opt for air groupage. By definition, air groupage transport is a fast and economical way to send any kind of goods. This type of service is often intended for traders, exporters and importers who are not able to fill an entire air container. The package is thus shipped with other goods belonging to other shippers. 

We have been offering groupage services for years. We will suggest you a low freight rate. 

Full service package 

With many years of experience in air freight forwarding, we offer a complete range of services. We can deal with every thing: preparation of administrative documents, customs formalities, collection of goods, packing, transportation, delivery to the address you mentioned and unpacking. Made up of transporters, forwarding agents and customs agents, our team will provide you with the best services.  

In the case of groupage transport, we assemble the different shipments and deliver them in ULD (Unit Load Device) to the airline to obtain the best freight rates. We pack your goods to protect them from possible transport damage. We make sure that they are well packaged. 

We can also help you obtain cargo insurance that will cover loss or damage during transport, from the point of departure to the point of arrival. 

You should know that we are IATA (International Air Transport Association) certified, which is a guarantee of the reliability of our services. 

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