Personal belongings road transport

Serving of private individuals and professionals, we offer different tailor-made formulas for the transport of your personal belongings: 

  • “Door to Door” : including the handling of your belongings from the place of departure (home, office, warehouse, etc.) to the destination address; 
  • “Terminal Render”: essentially including the main transport operation from the departure to the closest arrival area to the destination address. You will need to collect your items directly from the depot. Customs clearance formalities or any other arrival fees in the country of destination are not included. 

In order to make the right choice, we take into account many criteria: place of departure/arrival, type of packaging, mode of transport, volume, weight, etc... 

We can transport your belongings by air, sea and road. 


Finding a trusted company to transport personal belongings is a difficult task. To be sure to benefit from a reliable and secure service, choose Transports MARI. Based in Nice, in the heart of the freight area of Nice Côte d’Azur Airport, we specialize in moving and transporting all kinds of goods. Our agents are present throughout France, Africa, the USA, Canada, China and Australia to facilitate all operations and procedures related to each transport. 

Transporting all kinds of goods 

We take in hand personal belongings road transport. This type of service is more economical, flexible and reliable. Indeed, it allows you to have a real-time overview of the location of the carriers. 

In that way, we transport clothing, valuables, jewelry, books and small decorative objects of all kinds. We also ship important and confidential files as well as works of art. 

Why choosing Transports MARI? 

As a freight forwarder and a customs agent, Transports MARI offers a full service package. To facilitate your personal belongings road transport, we offer various formulas. As part of “Door to Door” operation, we take care of the removal of the goods to the indicated address, its packing and its conditioning. Please note that the packaging varies according to the volume to be shipped: wooden crates, cardboard boxes, etc. We also take care of all the administrative procedures (customs formalities) and all the logistics as part of a groupage or full container road transport service. 

Transports MARI guarantees a regular road transport service. Indeed, we ensure a groupage channel towards the following destinations: Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. For a fast and efficient goods transportation, we use state-of-the-art equipment. We have, among the things, vans, padded vans, refrigerated trucks, savoyard trucks, tautliners and trays. This allows us to transport large volumes of personal belongings. 

To complete our services, we offer secure storage of your belongings for a set period of time. A space of 500 m² and 600 m² is meant for this purpose. 

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