Pallet Packing

Our reliable staff at Transports MARI assure that your goods are packed correctly to ensure 100% security. We ensure that your goods are correctly handled and protected during their storage in our storage warehouse in Nice Côte d’Azur Airport, France.

Our packing pallets are made with excellent ­quality solid materials and are processed to ISPM 15 standards. We can adapt to any type of goods and use wooden packing pallets or other specialized materials.

Your goods are also stored and transported internationally on pallets, ensuring a better control and increased security. The pallets we use strictly follow standards and are adapted depending on the size, weight, volume and nature of your valuables.

By packing in pallets the damage and loss risk is greatly reduced and we ensure a quick and efficient transfer of your products. Storing goods in pallets is an advantage as we avoid moving them one by one which would create a higher damage risk.

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