Cars and motorcycles road transport

Entrusting your car to a professional moving company has proven to be an important decision that requires much reflection. That’s why we encourage you to request our car and motorcycle road transport services. With more than 100 years experience in the field, we offer fast and reliable services. Based in Nice, we are present throughout France, USA, Africa, China, Australia and Canada. 

A transport of all types of cars and motorcycles 

Are you planning a move? Are you taking a trip or going on holiday? Count on us to ensure the road transport of all types of vehicles. We ship collection cars as well as utility and supercars. We also ship all kinds of motorcycles (basic, roadster, trailer, sport...), scooters, quads and vintage motorcycles. 

You can be confident that we will take care of your vehicle throughout the whole trip. We will choose the most suitable packing and will be professional during the whole moving operation. 

For the transport of motorcycles and supercars, we offer premium services. We will recommend you the service that fits to your needs and your budget. 

Quality services 

We are a team of carriers, movers, dedicated agents, freight forwarders and customs borders. We are able to take care the various stages of cars and motorcycles road transport. Indeed, we take care of the authorization applications and the various administrative steps. We also take charge of the collection of the vehicle from your home, its transport and its delivery wherever you which. 

For the purpose of providing quality services, we roll out high-performance equipment. Our trucks ensure a channel between the French Riviera (Nice, Monaco, Cannes, Saint-Tropez...) and the other cities in France as well as Europe. 

Contact us for a quote. We will prepare it quickly so that you could have an idea of generated costs for your motorcycle or your car road transport.  

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