Transportation of Antiques and Art Objects

We offer antique professionals, second­-hand goods dealers and avid amateurs our personalized transport services for art and antiques.

We place great importance on the quality of standards to be followed in this type of service. Our teams at Transports MARI manage the complete transportation process of art pieces and antiques from a given address to their final destination, whether nationally or internationally.

With our years of professional experience as customs and transit agents in Nice and New York we take care of all administrative and customs procedures that may be linked to transport your art or antiques.

If you are a professional attending an antiques fair, a trade fair or a flea market we can offer a complete transport service of your antique goods on site, including crating, packing and unpacking.

If you are an individual wanting to transport your antiques, art objects or furniture anywhere in the world following a purchase or a move, we can also provide you with a complete and customized service.

Our agents will be delighted to fully take care of the removal, packing, unpacking, different handling and crating of all your art pieces, meaning you will be able to relax knowing that your valuables are in trusted hands.

In order to secure your artwork during transportation for both import and export purposes we carefully adapt the packaging to the nature of the object.

Transportation and delivery of antiques or art pieces is done in different ways:

  • By sea, air or road;
  • In 20-­foot or 40-­foot containers;
  • With express delivery upon request.

As antique and art dealers or passionate individuals we invite you to contact us now to ship your art pieces and antiques all over the world.

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