Customs and Transit Agent

With the help of Mr. Vincent MARI, Transports MARI has become a renown customs agent and freight forwarder in Nice, approved by the customs authorities since April 1936 under act 110.

With extensive experience in both customs and transit, we provide all types of customs clearance for legitimate goods regardless of the country of origin or destination.

Our fields of intervention include:

Management systems:

We set up home or simplified customs clearance procedures.

Administrative documents:

We are fully authorized to carry out your requests for your licenses and different permits. For example, we provide all necessary customs documents in cases of frozen goods transportation and export or import of flowers or perishable products. In addition to this, our customs and transit agents in Nice are responsible for fully treating all paperwork for restricted or sensitive products.

The different relationships:

We ensure that all stages of customs and transit services are within regulation and to the highest standard, with relationships with other relevant external services, for example in order to provide the following:

  • Precious metals warranty for the transportation of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum. This is also the case for special transport.
  • Veterinary service when performing the transport of pets, especially dogs or cats. For other animals, we advise you to communicate directly with our team.
  • Phytosanitary service for your frozen and food transport, or during import or export of flowers.
  • Fine Arts when transporting art and antiques, art works and paintings for our customers.
  • Police to ensure the security of shipments and storage warehouses.

The declarations of exchanges of goods or services:

Upon receipt of detailed invoices for exchanges, whether buying or selling, we make the following provisions:

  • Scanning and sending the D.E.B to the customs entry center;
  • A computerized declaration of your T.V.A and D.E.B declarations;
  • The filing of related documents.

During each step we ensure the privacy of your information and we offer a personalized service.

Fiscal representation

Vehicle clearance: For transporting your vehicle abroad and transport of your vintage or luxury cars.

Our partners In complete confidence