Cars and motorcycles air transport

Usually, the international transport of vehicles (cars, motorcycles, scooters...) is conducted using road and sea transport. However, these two delivery modes of transport imply significant delays before the arrival of the vehicle. These customer inconveniences prove to have a large impact, especially if the person urgently needs the car for a race or for a specific use. Transports MARI offers an air transport service for cars and motorcycles. This offer has advantages on many points. 

Advantages of cars and motorcycles air transport 

Transporting cars and motorcycles by air is above all a fast way to ship vehicles. Indeed, delivery terms are shorter compared to those of road and sea transport. In addition, the service is secure and allows vehicles to be sent all across the world. 

In addition to security, cars and motorcycles air transport is recommended for its convenience and practicality. Indeed, it overcomes the constraints of land transit. 

Transports MARI, the ideal partner for your move 

Based in the centre of Nice Côte d’Azur airport, we specialize in air freight. In this sense, we provide cars and motorcycles transport by air in several countries. Our agents are present in France, USA, Africa, China, Australia, Canada to facilitate the procedures and transport operations. With more than 100 years of experience and know-how, we guarantee a complete service. We take care of the cars and motorcycles’ collection, reception and delivery. We also offer storage solutions in airport warehouses, which facilitates transfers. 

We also offer premium move services. Thus, we transport vintage cars, supercars and many other vehicles by airplane. We also received a IATA (International Air Transport Association) approval for all air traffic. Our teams are committed to ensuring the safety of the vehicles throughout the transport, to complying with the regulatory, administrative and custom’s procedures, but above all to delivering the goods in as quickly as possible. 

Transports MARI guarantees a good value for money for all its services. 

You can ask us for a free quote, depending on the destination and your car or motorcycle model. 

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