Luggage Transport Service

Our luggage transport service has developed following decades of experience in the field of transit and customs. Our transit agents will guarantee the safe delivery of your luggage and personal effects.

Our main goal is to use the skills of our agents to your advantage to ensure your complete satisfaction. We are able to collect and transfer your luggage and personal belongings, such as your bags, suitcases, bicycles, clothes, plants or trinkets.

We also handle the packing of your luggage to guarantee a secure shipment whatever the volume of your belongings. Travel lightly around the globe and trust in Transports MARI to do the rest.

We offer an express delivery service with certain airlines with whom we have approval to IATA standards.

Contact us now to transport your personal effects and excess baggage. We guarantee safe shipments at affordable rates with the possibility of door­-to-­door delivery throughout the world.

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