Furniture Transport Service

We offer an array services regarding the transport of furniture, both on a national or international basis, whatever your specific removal needs may be.

Both professionals and individuals can benefit from our skills, with our team supporting the transport of all types of furniture, such as chairs, tables, wardrobes, desks and armchairs.

For each furniture move we guarantee both safe transport conditions and a quality service with an overall impeccable track record.

We have the appropriate and suitable packing solutions for the safe and secure handling and transportation of your furniture. In addition to this, all of our furniture is handled by qualified and experienced staff. As well as our customized transport services we offer storage solutions when you need to store your goods safely.

We understand the great importance of each of your belongings and we are therefore committed to using only durable and tailored packing. To prevent any potential risks you can also subscribe to a specialist insurance policy for each of your shipments, regardless of the destination country.

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