Cars and motorcycles sea transport

Moving safely and efficiently requires the intervention of an experienced and trustworthy company. Working in the moving industry for more than 100 years, we provide cars and motorcycles sea transport. Our specialized agents are present throughout France as well as in other countries around the world. We take in hand the different phases of transportation and suggest solutions aiming to make your life easier. We can prepare a quote so that you can have an idea of the budget. 

Why choosing sea transport rather than other modes ? 

Among the different types of freight transport, sea freight has many advantages. 

Indeed, sea transport is economical and allows you to ship a large cargo volume. Therefore, you will not be restricted to send a single motorcycle or a single car. If you work in the automotive sector, you can ship the number of cars and two-wheelers you prefer thanks to our company. You can count on us to offer you interesting packages at unbeatable  prices. 

Sea freight is undoubtedly the least polluting way of transport. Indeed very environmentally-friendly, it has lower CO2 emissions: 5 times less compared to road transport and 13 times less compared to air freight. 

All services by a single professional 

As part of sea transport, we ship cars and motorcycles in containers of different volumes (20 feet, 40 feet...). These containers limit the risks of theft, loss or damage during the journey. They also facilitate loading and unloading operations. 

Our team is made up of forwarding agents, customs agents, movers and specialized agents. We take in hand all the organization of the maritime shipment of your cars or motorcycles. We take care of the administrative procedures, the collection, the transport and the delivery of the vehicles to your new address. We guarantee quality services and are able to intervene quickly, whatever the distance to be covered. 

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