Add valorem insurance

During their transport, your goods and commodities can be exposed to multiple dangers: theft, fire, breakage, exposure to climatic shocks... The service provider to whom you entrusted them is not necessarily responsible for these inconveniences. Just in case he is, his liability shall be often limited by laws, regulations and conventions that regulate the various modes of transport. In fact, these agreements only determine the risk indemnities.

They rarely cover the full value of the goods. Moreover, they are due to the sole condition that all the required formalities that make the carrier responsible have been completed. 

For the transit of your goods in France, Europe or through the world, trust us. We ensure the sending of your effects thanks to our all-risk transport insurance ad valorem. 

We took out this ad valorem all-risk insurance for all the types of transport we offer: land, air and sea transport. You will thus be guaranteed that your belongings and other goods will be shipped safely and securely, regardless of the chosen mode of transport. 

The ad valorem all-risk insurance covers the transported goods against transport risks, as opposed to liability insurance which only covers the service provider, the carrier or the freight forwarder’s liability. If the goods are lost, damaged or destroyed in the case of force majeure (storm, fire...), they will be subject to compensation under the ad valorem insurance. And that though the carrier and the freight forwarder’s liability is not brought into question. 

The ad valorem insurance coverage allows to insure the goods on the basis of their real value, including the loss of profit that will be justified. It is also noted that the value of the insurance must be constituted of the value of the goods, plus the transport costs and increased by the expected profit if applicable. It will be used as a calculation basis for the insurance premium. It also constitutes the limit of compensation and must be justified by the freight and cost invoices in the event of a disaster. 

However, the insurance policy does contain a few standard exclusions: 

  • - packaging defects, 
  • - inherent defect of the goods, 
  • - goods of a special nature, covered after the agreement of the insurers: animals, works of art or valuables, cigarettes, alcohol, used goods... 

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