Flower Transport Service

Bearing in mind the incredible importance of handling, packing and transporting flowers correctly to ensure their safe delivery, we offer our customers the benefits of our comprehensive and customized flower transport service.

Given the delicacy of this service, we use our best resources with our trained and experienced staff at Transports MARI. We also use equipment adapted to carrying and packing flowers.

We have developed our areas of expertise in order to offer our customers complete satisfaction and ensure the secure transport of your perishables, following all relevant laws and procedures.

Our employees carry out the various administrative and customs procedures necessary for the transport of flowers, regardless of the country of departure or destination. We are committed to protecting your flowers in the most optimal situations possible.

Transports MARI is also dedicated to delivering consolidated or full private loads to different destinations, including France and neighboring countries. We also provide all road, air and sea links necessary for your export or import needs regarding your flowers.

Our partners In complete confidence