Secure Warehouses

At Transports MARI, we ensure the utmost security of your shipment, including the transport, packing and storage of your goods whether for import or export.

In our secure warehouse we guarantee the safety of your goods through the following means:

  • Our facilities are designed to support large volumes of goods;
  • Our packing is perfectly solid and adapted to the nature of your items;
  • Our facilities include all necessary equipment, vehicles and packing workshops;
  • Our storage is organised according to regulations, respecting the ideal temperature, maximum weight and maximum volume;
  • Our stores are protected by a safety system connected directly to the police. A security guard is also on duty 24/7;
  • Our teams are fully trained and experienced both in the handling of goods and controlling the equipment.

We provide transport of all types of products, from the smallest to the most voluminous.

Whether to transport your furniture or your classic car, we will store and pack your shipments to the highest standards in our secure warehouse.

Our partners In complete confidence