Transport Service of Perishable Foodstuffs

We specialize in transportation of perishable goods and are dedicated to transporting from the removal point to any requested destination, following all relevant laws and procedures.

We transport flowers, cuttings, roses, fish, frozen and other perishable products. Our fleet is dedicated to delivering consolidated loads or full private loads to different destinations, including France and neighboring countries. We can also ship via our maritime links using a “Reefer” refrigerated container and by air if necessary, ensuring that all your needs are met to the highest standard, both for export and import.

In addition to our qualified staff we have specialized vehicles at our disposal, perfectly suited for the handling and shipping of perishable products in complete protection.

Our employees also take care of the product packing in our secure warehouse storage locations when necessary.

For each mission of transporting your perishables we ensure that we meet all the standards required in the country of removal and destination, down to the smallest details. The key to our years of success in the field of transport lies in our rigor and total respect for all procedures.

Deeply committed to their work our teams at Transports MARI have made transporting perishables or delicate products one of our specialities.

Our partners In complete confidence