Duty free import

You moved your main residence to France. As part of this move, you imported all your belongings, including your vehicle. To carry out the customs clearance operations, use our services. Due to our expertise, we can deal with the necessary administrative procedures. 

We aim to offer you duty and tax free for your goods’ importation. 

For this purpose, you must give us certain documents: 

  • - A detailed, dated and signed inventory of the goods (furniture, personal effects, vehicles) in two copies; 
  • - A proof of residence change to authorize custom transits; 
  • - All documents proving that you reside in a third country; 
  • - A tax receipt or a status form. 

You will also have to fill in the cerfa form n°10070 for the declaration of entry into France of personal property from non-EU countries, on the portal www.douanes.gouv.fr in case you have valuables or which require the completion of special formalities. 

Once you have provided all these documents, we will be able to apply for the VAT and customs free admission of your imported goods. 

In return, the customs authorities will give you: 

  • - A stamped copy of the inventory, 
  • - An 846 A certificate for the registration of your vehicle in normal series,  
  • - A free movement card established on your request. 

You have not to complete customs formalities if you are moving to France from a country of the European Union. 

On the other hand, you can be exempt from duty when importing your personal belongings if you come from a country outside the European Union. However, you must meet the following conditions:  

  • - You have live abroad for at least 12 months; 
  • - You have owned and used your personal belongings for at least 6 months prior to their transfer; 
  • - You must transfer your assets to France within 12 months of the date of the transfer of your residence; 
  • - You cannot divest yourself (sale, rental, loan, pledge, etc.) of the goods admitted free after a waiting period of 12 months from the date of their entry into France. 

Please note: The duty-free scheme is applicable to the following personal goods if they are subject to all the customs and/or tax charges to which they are liable in the country of origin or consignment: saddle animals, motorcycles, motor vehicles and trailers, camping caravans, pleasure crafts and private aircrafts 

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