Personal belongings sea transport

Serving of private individuals and professionals, we offer different tailor-made formulas for the transport of your personal belongings: 

  • “Door to Door” : including the handling of your belongings from the place of departure (home, office, warehouse, etc.) to the destination address; 
  • “Terminal Render”: essentially including the main transport operation from the departure to the closest arrival area to the destination address. You will need to collect your items directly from the depot. Customs clearance formalities or any other arrival fees in the country of destination are not included. 

In order to make the right choice, we take into account many criteria: place of departure/arrival, type of packaging, mode of transport, volume, weight, etc... 

We can transport your belongings by air, sea and road. 


Specialized in the transport of all kinds of goods as part of international and national moves, we intervene throughout France and in different countries around the world to transport your personal belongings by sea. In order to make sure that your personal belongings transport takes place in the best conditions, we take care of all the shipment phases. To this end, we mobilize dedicated teams who rely on their know-how and skills to help you. 

Sea transport: an economical solution 

We are well aware that preparing a move to a foreign country is a arduous task. This is why we accompany you throughout your project. We guide and advise you at all phases of your move: preparation, administrative and/or customs procedures, collection, packing, shipping, reception and delivery of your personal belongings to the new address. Our network of qualified agents, located on the 5 continents, is our asset. We thus ensure that the shipment of your belongings will be done safely and in compliance with the standards related to the operation. 

We particularly recommend sea shipping when the volume to be transported is large enough. In addition to personal belongings, sea freight allows the moving of all kinds of goods: furniture, works of art, important documents, vehicles... It is also considered an economical solution for the goods transportation. By shipping your goods by sea, you can be sure to keep your budget under control. 

Sea transport: by groupage or full container loads 

As part of sea transport, your personal belongings will be placed in dedicated containers.  

There are 3 shipping modes per container : 

  • - The full container: adapted to large volumes and long term transport; 
  • - The shared container: ideal for transporting an average volume of personal belongings; 
  • - The grouping of batches: recommended for the transport of small volumes. 

We will advise you on the right type of container according to the volume of goods to be moved and your budget. 

Our experience allows us to control the shipment of your goods, trust us for any national or international move project. 

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