Transport MARI - A Top-Class Service Since 1920

Since 1920 we have continued to evolve our services around an ever increasing requirement for flawless quality. We cover all authorised traffic that companies generate internationally, both in import and export.

History of Transports MARI:

  • 1920: Creation of Transports MARI.
  • April 1936: Approval of Transports MARI from the customs administration under number 110 by Mr Vincent Mari.
  • 1950: We become the first agent in customs and transit based in Nice.
  • 1974: Approval of Transport MARI from the customs administration under the number 3676 with registration in the official login 2 August 1974.

Following our long experience as a customs agent we provide all customs clearance operations for our customers.

We currently specialize in various areas of transport, such as :

  • ­ Art and antiques;
  • ­ The industrial sector;
  • ­ Private removals;
  • ­ Transit, import and export of industrial goods.

We are also highly experienced in the field of customs and administrative procedures, which enables us to support you in all legal proceedings.

We are attentive to the individual needs for all types of shipments and removals worldwide. For each benefit chosen by our customers, we provide a door-­to-­door and customized service.

If you are looking for a highly efficient and proficient carrier, we invite you to browse this website to investigate our comprehensive range of specialist services.

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