Our Team

We are composed of several teams deeply experienced in import/export customs, transit, chartering, as well as specialized staff for packing and logistics for all of our transport services.

With our extensive knowledge as Customs and Transport Agents, our teams are committed to providing special care for each and every customer. Transports MARI guarantees the protection of your valuables from their point of origin to their final destination.

To ensure this total security of your shipments, our agents are constantly at the forefront of new technology and up-­to-­date with developments regarding administrative and customs procedures.

Our experienced staff are committed to rapidly providing you with clear, accurate and relevant information regarding the removal process, chartering your goods and then monitoring the transport.

We offer only the best resources to transport your valuables by air, sea and road to and from any country in the world. For each of our services, Transports MARI offers a dedicated team with a positive track record of providing a high standard of transfer.

Whether in Nice, Isle-­sur-­la-­Sorgue, Paris or New York our agents are always at your disposal to advise you on the best options to consider regarding the transport of your objects, personal effects or goods. By choosing the team at Transports MARI, you are insuring a global and comprehensive support to the highest quality possible.

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