Consolidator and Charterer Service

As a consolidator and charterer with many years of valuable experience in the transportation of international goods, at Transports MARI we regularly consolidate several lots of goods ready to transport to a single destination.

The secure transportation of goods is possible by road, air or sea on the French, European, American or other international networks.

We provide comprehensive packages catered to the nature of the products to be transported.

Our teams take full responsibility for the safe passage of your goods and will manage all handling, packing and unloading. As part of our service, our commitments are to:

  • ­Prepare and collect goods from the customer’s address;
  • Once all the goods are together, carefully complete the packing and bundling of the lots. We take all the necessary steps to ensure secure transport;
  • Take care of administrative procedures directly with the local authorities whatever the country of destination, providing our customers with a quality and customized consolidator and charterer service;
  • Deliver the goods directly to the specified destination address.

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Please also feel free to peruse our regular consolidation departure lines and next scheduled consolidated container departures.

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