Our Packing Services

We offer individuals, professionals and antique or second­-hand goods dealers our packing services. After nearly 100 years of experience, at Transports MARI we are highly experienced in ensuring the highest standards of packing for any types of goods.

Quality packing with clear labelling is essential for secure transport to your destination. Our extensive measures ensure a safe delivery within a set time limit.

Our dedicated teams offer different services, such as industrial packaging, crates, carton packing, bubble wrap, containers and specific and customized packing. We adapt this packing according to the type of travel, whether by road, sea, air or rail.

The wood packing we use complies with international standards for air or sea transport, with ISPM 15 certification.

For your comfort, we provide the following range of services:

• On­site packing: We work directly at your collection site to pack your goods into crates. We assemble the crates beforehand in our workshops.

• Preparing container for export: We transfer your goods to our warehouses where we correctly pack them ready for long­haul transport and arrange them in the container.

• Adapting the cushioning system: Using additional protection needed according to the specific needs of the goods, considering vibration, shock and potential crushing.

We are aware of the importance of your valuable products and are committed to using durable and tailored packing. Our teams are at your disposal for more information.

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