Antique Fairs and Exhibitions

We are present at a number of antique fairs and exhibitions each year. Our goal is to work closer with antique dealers and merchants in order to offer our core expertise as a transport service. Our transportation services at antique fairs include:

  • ­Transport of your exhibited paintings according to the regulations;
  • The transport of your auction house;
  • The transport of all your works of art;
  • The completion of all the required steps in the process on your behalf;
  • Understanding all needed declarations regarding trade;
  • The organization of storage, packing and handling.

We offer antique professionals, second-­hand goods dealers and antique traders our complete and customized transport services allowing you to be present at any antique fairs both in France and worldwide.

To find out the dates and locations of upcoming antique shows please visit our online fairs calendar.

Our teams are at your disposal if you need further information. Alternatively, you can use our online quote form to receive a detailed quote for your next trip.

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