Our Services

Benefit from our customized and comprehensive offers for all your deliveries. We specialize in administrative management, industrial transport, packing, crating and containerisation of shipments. Our team carefully analyzes any constraints and requirements that you may have.

­ Transport of Art and Antiquities: We assist antique dealers at fairs and exhibitions by offering transportation services to auction houses. Our packing and containers are adapted to transport paintings and other delicate and valuable objects.

­ Relocation: We offer a full national and international service with customs clearance and door-­to-­door delivery to all countries around the world.

­ Industrial Transport : We transport crates and pallets by lorry, container or consolidated transport deliveries to all countries, including U.S.A.

­ Customs Service : We provide all the necessary customs clearance of legitimate products to and from any country.

­ Declaration of Goods (D.E.B.) and Declaration of Trade Services (D.E.S.): Our teams take responsibility to ensure that all formal declarations and procedures are completed to the highest standard.

­ Transport of Animals: We handle the transport of your pets, including dogs, cats, and any other permitted animals. Our staff will advise you on the appropriate cage and our customs and transit agents also conduct necessary veterinary visits before transport. With our expertise and care your pets are in good hands.

­ Storage Warehouse: We offer secured storage warehouses with over 1000 m2 of available space. Our main warehouses and packing workshops are located at Nice Côte d'Azur Airport at the Cargo Terminal, with its optimum safety and ease of access. We are licensed under customs laws for storage of your goods in temporary transit.

­ Packing: We offer customized solutions for your packing with suitable protection to ensure maximum safety when shipping objects. Packing complies with NIMP 15.

­ Stuffing: We ensure the loading, unloading and chocking of any type of container or lorry.

­ Export and Import of Perishables: We transport plants and other perishables to and from any destination in accordance with regulations. Our skilled team and specialised vehicles are perfectly suited to the handling and delivery of perishable products.

­ Car Transport: We provide transportation for all your personal or luxury vehicles. For example, regular transport of vehicles is established between Monaco and the Middle East, as well as between France and the U.S.A.

­ Baggage Excess: We handle package transportation for professionals or individuals, as well as luggage transport for individuals in cases of excess baggage. This service is possible to and from any location in the world.

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