Transport & Logistics

Since 1920 Transports MARI has continuously developed as a customs broker and freight business. We are a worldwide leading company in transport and logistics of any kind of goods.

Through our years of practice and the experience of our teams, we are able to provide you with unhindered transport and the import and export of all kinds of goods. We also manage all logistical needs regardless of the volume.

We ensure that we meet every specific requirement you may have regarding your merchandise.

The success of our services by air, sea and road is a result of our ability to coordinate efficiently, utilizing all of our logistics.

The scope of our work includes the following three main areas:

  • Our expertise in the field of transportation management and logistics in order to help you optimize your movement of goods;
  • Logistics available specifically for large industrial companies. We manage the storage of your goods, all necessary packing and transportation of your raw materials or other products from your suppliers;
  • A complete logistical support with all of your supplies and distribution.

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