Personal belongings air transport

Serving of private individuals and professionals, we offer different tailor-made formulas for the transport of your personal belongings: 

  • “Door to Door” : including the handling of your belongings from the place of departure (home, office, warehouse, etc.) to the destination address; 
  • “Terminal Render”: essentially including the main transport operation from the departure to the closest arrival area to the destination address. You will need to collect your items directly from the depot. Customs clearance formalities or any other arrival fees in the country of destination are not included. 

In order to make the right choice, we take into account many criteria: place of departure/arrival, type of packaging, mode of transport, volume, weight, etc... 

We can transport your belongings by air, sea and road. 


A move, whether national or international, often involves shipping all your belongings, mainly your personal effects, to your new address. Personal belongings include: clothing, fashion accessories, jewelry, books, decorative objects... Knowing the stakes of this type of move, we offer different solutions and tailor-made formulas for personal belongings transport on the national and international network. Transporting your personal belongings by airplane is part of our services. 

Air shipment: a solution combining reactivity and speed 

If you wish to receive your personal belongings rapidly, air transport is the best option. Air freight is considered a fast mode of transportation. It also has to be given priority to security and cost reasons. It is particularly appreciated when it comes to transporting personal effects (basic necessities). It may be the best solution depending on your new residence location. It can also be used for all express transportation requests. However, you must arrive before or at the same time as your belongings since airports do not keep freight for long. Generally speaking, the storage delay is 72 hours (with no extra charge). Hereafter, it will be a hefty bill to pay! 

We will accompany you throughout your project, whether you are moving to Italy, the USA, Australia or an overseas territory. We have an air department and a team dedicated to this type of operation. We also have an IATA (International Air Transport Association) approval. With a proven experience, our transport and logistics specialists will be able to advise you and offer you the best solutions for the success of your move: “Door to Door” and “Terminal Delivery” formulas. 

Mastering the different import rules of each country, we also take care of the administrative and customs formalities. We make sure that your personal belongings will be safely transported to the country of destination (in adapted packaging: ISPM 15 standard boxes, crates, pallets...), and that delivery will be made promptly and punctually. 

We offer our services to individuals and professionals.  


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