Express Transport Service

At Transports MARI we know from our experience that certain deliveries are needed urgently, which is why we offer this efficient express transportation service. We provide reliable solutions for individuals all over the world. We fully support the transport of your parcels, envelopes, documents and any other urgent shipments.

We offer our express transportation services with the following four major commitments:

­ Easy and fast initial contact with us: Our customers can submit their application directly on our site or via our contact information. Once we receive your request our team will quickly handle the planning of each stage of your shipment before picking up the package.

­ A personalized offer: We offer customized packing and transportation depending on the nature of your package and request.

­ Reliable service: With many years of experience as a freight forwarder in Nice we place great importance on effectively supporting each customer with their request, from the first contact until the delivery of your goods. To transport delicate or perishable goods by express we follow IATA standards to ensure the safety of your shipments. Customers are able to track their goods to know exactly where they are along the route.

­ A dynamic and responsive team: Your satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. From the moment you submit your request until your goods are at your door we are here to listen to you and provide perfect solutions. With the express service we will process your application in record time.

At Transports MARI we are ready and waiting to process your express removal. Use our online quotation form or contact us directly for further details.

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