The EORI number, user manual

E.O.R.I : Economic Operator’s Registration and Identification

The Economic Operator's Registration and Identification number is a common number unique to each economic operator assigned by the customs authority of a Member State or by the authority or authorities designated by a Member State.

The EORI number is a unique number valid throughout the Community.

1) The concerned persons

Economic operators established in the customs territory of the Community must apply for an EORI number before starting the activities covered by customs legislation, for example prior to commencing export or import operations. Operators who have not yet made an application for registration may do so during their first operation. 

The term "economic operator" means a person who, as part of his professional activities, carries out activities covered by customs legislation of Member States.

Persons other than economic operators should be recorded:

• If registration is required by the legislation of the Member State;
• If no EORI number has previously been assigned to them;
• If they carry out transactions for which an EORI number must be provided.

2) The place of registration

Economic operators established in the customs territory of the Community must be registered in the Member State in which they are established.

3) Using the EORI number

After award, the EORI number must be used in all activities and customs operations into the Community and which require an identifier.

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