Horse Transport Service

Established since 1920, at Transports MARI we know and strictly adhere to all the standards that govern the transport of horses. We are equipped to transport horses to and from equestrian events and to transport your personal, thoroughbred or race horses whenever and wherever you may need to go.

Our friendly team possess all the necessary professional skills and advanced equipment to guarantee a safe journey for your horse.

At Transports MARI we care about your horse’s well‐being - You can trust in us.

We can also assist in transporting your horses internationally.

Our commitments to our customers are as follows:

  • A vehicle perfectly adapted for transport following the advice of a veterinarian, ensuring that your horse will be put at ease;
  • Close monitoring of the horse’s safety and comfort, stopping regularly for breaks;
  • A clean environment ensuring the horse’s well‐being regardless of the length of travel. Our team is responsible for cleaning the cabins before, during and after the transport of your horses;
  • Provide a suitable diet of hay and water with ample quantity during the trip;
  • Communicate regularly with our customers throughout the whole transport process.

To receive a quote today to transport of your horses to any country worldwide, please contact our team or to submit an online request form.

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