Wild Animal Transport Service

At Transports MARI we are authorized by the authorities to transport your wild animals, regardless of the departure and destination countries.

We are ready to offer our personalized service for your delicate and specific transport needs, ensuring a safe journey for your animals. This type of transport is strictly regulated by government and for some breeds it is even forbidden for individuals to transport except in exceptional cases or with specific authorization, which is why we are ready to assist and advise.

We welcome requests from zoos, aquariums, parks and nature reserves, as well as other institutions.

We are adapted to transfer animals such as tigers, giraffes and other breeds.

In addition to standard procedures for transporting pets our customs agents will efficiently manage other specific procedures related to transporting wild animals, such as obtaining the transit certificate of authorization.

During the duration of the transportation of the animals we ensure their diet after each category/type, their comfort with the appropriate break times and security. We take care of their personal cleaning as well as cleaning their cage or cabin.

Our means of transport are perfectly adapted and our teams are highly experienced in the transportation of wild and exotic animals.

For the transport of live animals by sea our livestock carriers have a loading capacity from 250 to more than 1,000 head of cattle. These vessels are also used for the transport of goats and sheep.

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