Vehicle sea transport of vehicles (Roll-On / Roll-Off)

Preparing the move of your vehicle is a stressful task. You have to deal with the administrative procedures, the revision of the vehicle before it is sent, etc. However, there are companies such as Transports MARI which take care of every phase of the move. In fact, we offer a reliable and secure vehicle sea transport service (Roll on/Roll off). 

Why choosing sea transport? 

There exists many means of transporting vehicles. The most common and interested one is sea transport. It can be achieved in two ways. The vehicles are shipped either in a container or with the Ro-Ro or Roll on/Roll off system. 

Transporting vehicles by sea is advantageous on many points. It’s the ideal solution for shipping any type of vehicle: light vehicles, family cars, construction and agricultural machinery (tractors, harvesters…), trucks, trailers, camping-cars, motorcycles, quads… It allows shipping a vehicle over long distances. 

Transporting vehicles by sea is also interesting in terms of security. In fact, a transport vessel is rarely shipwrecked. Morever, this type of transport is covered by a sea transport insurance. This warranty covers loss and damages on vehicles. 

What is Ro-Ro (Roll on/Roll off) transport? 

Transporting vehicles by sea (Roll on/Roll off) consists of loading the car or machine right in a roll-on/roll-off vessel. Equipped with mobile access ramps, the Ro-Ro vessel is used to load and unload any type of goods by towing between the shore and the dock. 

Vehicle transport by Ro-Ro vessel is efficient, safe and fast. Indeed, the loading and unloading time of the vehicle is reduced. Moreover, this type of vessel offers a high degree of reliability compared to road service. In addition, its power reduces transit time. 

For the transport of vehicles by sea, ask for Transports MARI. We provide channels between the French Riviera (Nice, Monaco, Cannes, Saint-Tropez...) and the Middle East, France and the USA, etc. Both freight forwarders and customs agents, we take care of all the administrative procedures. Our teams also deal with all the logistics and handling. 

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